Actions speak louder than words

Our philosophy at Esteem Dental is best expressed through the experience we try to create for our patients and their families. We started with a simple question: what would we want our children and our families to experience when they come into a dentist’s office. Once we answered that question, we made it our goal to provide it to our patients. We are proud of the space and atmosphere we have created here. We want you to feel comfortable as you wait and as you are treated. We want you to enjoy what’s on the screens. We want you to enjoy the cookies, the sports drinks, or the water we provide. We want you to enjoy the music playing in the background that is there to help you feel at home. We want to make sure you feel a family connection.

We’re big on that connection

We love working as a team. We definitely get to laugh every day and enjoy one another; we want everyone to feel that. We have a great variety of personalities. We have laid-back people, we have very extroverted people, we have bilingual people, we have young people, and we have seasoned people on our team. There’s someone here for you to build a relationship with. That’s what’s important to us, the relationships we form with our patients. We want to have that connection that is than teeth. We want to connect, as humans, as we work together to see the impact that aligning someone’s teeth has on their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of life. It makes a huge difference!

It’s about more than straightening teeth

We are passionate about straightening teeth. While you are here on earth, being able to smile and being comfortable in your smile brings confidence and a boost to your self-esteem. That’s why we came up with the name Esteem Dental. Self-esteem is what makes you a holistically better person and we want our patients to be able to say that we have impacted their self-esteem for the better through the work and the connection we have established.

It’s about more than teeth in dentistry, it’s about life and our interactions with one another at Esteem Dental.

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Compassionate Dentistry; Exceptional Orthodontics

The Esteem Dental team is honored to serve Lake Nona and all of South Orlando with exceptional dental care. Let us know how our dental team can serve you and your family. We can’t wait to meet you!